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Who is ACS?  ACS is a non-profit lobbying group that brings a fresh new voice to the public chicken debate. We hope to pressure state and local legislatures to pass sensible chicken laws to fight live chicken crime, and unregistered culinary practices.  While we support the rights of law abiding chicken owners, we promote legislative measures that take chickens out of the hands of unlicensed chefs, criminals, and children.  ACS is a non-partisan, not for profit advocacy group that has no affiliate with 'Big Chicken' or any political action committees.

One of our top priority is closing the supermarket loophole.  As it stands right now, ANY private individual can simply walk into a supermarket (or farmer's market) and purchase chickens without any proper background check, licensing or culinary training.  

Only through strict legislation and law enforcement, can we prevent chicken crime and spontaneous unregulated barbeques. 


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