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Every year in this country, millions of chickens are baked, stuffed, fried, broiled, and fricasseed by unlicensed and untrained cooks.  In the hands of children, the average chickens last less than 15 minutes.  For cornished hens and smaller fowl, it is even less.  Thousands of chickens are mistreated, used, and abused for culinary and entertainment purposes. 

Still, big, rich, evil corporations like Tyson, Purdue, and Wampler Longacre fail to provide proper chicken handling procedures and preparation instructions, fail to take responsibility when chickens fall into the wrong hands, and they blatantly market their chickens toward children.  Because of their reckless and irresponsible behavior, and because they fail to voluntarily reform themselves, we need to hit them in their pocketbooks, where it hurts the most.  Through a series of calculated state lawsuits, we can bring 'Big Chicken' to it's knees.


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