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FACT:  Numerous cities are plagued with Popeyes, and KFC type outlets where inexpensive chicken (commonly called 'Saturday Night Specials') can be obtained quickly and cheaply.  Not one state in the 50 mandates a waiting period or ID check for chicken.

FACT:  Unregulated barbeques contribute to increased cases of salmonella poisoning, and are frequently inhabited by smokers and drinkers.  They also lead to a countless badminton and horse-shoe injuries, and there is no telling how many people are injured by picnic table toe stubbings.

FACT:  An overwhelming majority of all salmonella cases are traced back to improperly handled or prepared chickens.  

FACT:  Virtually every illegal chicken on the market is first gotten from a federally licensed chicken dealer.  Not to mention that even licensed dealers do not properly instruct consumers on the dangers of bringing chickens into the home.  

FACT:  States where people are permitted to openly carry or conceal live chickens are more prone to cock fighting.

FACT:  Illegal cock fights and spontaneous barbeques claim the lives of thousands of chickens annually.  In addition, illegal cock fights lead to gambling, drinking, smoking, and other illicit activity.  

FACT:  Studies show that chicken crime increases when live chickens are easily available.  In most states ANYONE can purchase a live chicken without any licensing, training, or background check. 

FACT:  The presence of chicken in the home triples the risk of salmonella poisoning, and quadruples the risk of choking on a bone.

FACT:  Each year hundreds of family dogs are inadvertently fed chicken bones, drastically increasing the rate of dog deaths by chicken bone.

FACT:  At least 80% of the economic costs of treating chicken related injuries are paid for with taxpayer dollars.


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